About Naja Lauf

The Danish designer Naja Lauf started her brand in her own name in year 2000. After working as designer for big commercial companies in Europe she felt a need to express her own approach to design and what is modern.


In her collections you find feminine and cool styles side by side with reinvented classics as well as the creation of contemporary essentials, focusing on simple, wearable shapes, clean lines and innovative details.


Naja is obsessed with the details of pieces and the mixing of shapes and fabrics, as that is where the expression lays. Naja wear all her design herself and have big joy by playing around with it, constantly to make new outfits and expressions. She finds that the ways in which the clothes is worn is just as important as the clothes it self. Naja recommend that you do an effort every day to dress, so that you get the best out of the day.


The result from these thoughts is well-made and wearable pieces that you can have in your closet year after year. It is easy to wear and has big comfort. Fans around the world have already discovered this quality.


The company is placed in Copenhagen.